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50% OFF everything and New Run Cycle Video


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Does the discount include the "whole damn store"? I tried it and it didn't work :( Edit: it works now thank you!

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I can not use the offer code :(

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I'm still not able to use the offer code.

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I'm not being able to use it on the Intro to Dynamic Sketching course, specifically... It worked on the Drawing Helicopter/Planes, though. If there's any ideas on what might be happening with the aforementioned course, please let me know!!

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The 'code' box doesn't show up for the bundles (Environment and Character Design, specifically) :(

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Also unable to use the code. Is it only for “the whole damn store” bundle or everything in the store? I already have several of the bundles, so was just trying for the anatomy one.

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50% OFF All ModernDayJames Class Recordings!

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