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Last Day to Grab Figure Drawing 1 and 2 FOR FREE!


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Renata Pinto

Hello. how do i participate?

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Hi, I purchased the Cinematic drawing class - I can access the VOD from today's class but I haven't been emailed a discord link or access to the figure drawing classes. Will I be emailed a link for these? Thanks

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Dallas Rhinehart

Same, I’m hoping it’ll be resolved tomorrow and hopefully we haven’t missed the timeline.

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Hello :3

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Hi James, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong location. I'm looking at purchasing your animation courses. To be honest, I like the option of having everything accessible on Gumroad, but I wasn't sure if I bought the animation courses here that I'd have everything from the full course on ProjectCity. It seems I'd be missing a couple of things. If that's true, I also wanted to know if I'd have access to the TVPaint files if purchased from ProjectCity? Thanks. Enjoying your other courses atm.

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